The valley of unlimited possibilities

Winter vacation in the Zillertal

We would like to point out that just as there are two types of vacation in summer, you can also enjoy both here in winter.

For all action-seekers and party animals

Whoever has been skiing or snowboarding on vacation in the Zillertal knows that no further explanation is needed. What is offered here can hardly be found anywhere else in the world. Simply get dressed, and it doesn’t matter how, because it’s always Carnival here in winter. Take your sports equipment – whatever you want to put on your feet – buy your ticket for the Zillertal, and get going! That’s all you need to know, because everything else will fall right into your lap: state-of-the-art lifts, endless slopes, fun parks, rustic huts, and après ski until the early morning hours. At almost every valley station, you will find ski schools and equipment rentals. In order to really enjoy everything to the fullest, you should spend your skiing vacations here for the next 10 years. 

Rather than going into more details since you are going to experience it for yourself anyway, it is more important that we point out the following:

Winter sports are magnificent but not danger-free. We recommend accident insurance for you and your family. This will save you a lot of hassle and ensures fast, free transport to the best medical centers in the country. Always ski with a helmet and don’t forget that outside of the marked slopes is raw, unadulterated nature. Nature can be beautiful, but it can also show its teeth and the “white death” really exists.

When it comes to winter sports, there is one quote that sums it all up: “the valley of unlimited possibilities”.

The new Möslbahn

Even more comfort, more fun on the slopes for all skiing enthusiasts, and more variety – the Penken, the popular action mountain of the Mayrhofen mountain lifts, will have another highlight as of December 2018 with the new Möslbahn.

While you can easily reach pure skiing enjoyment from Mayrhofen with the Penkenbahn lift and from Schwendau with the Horbergbahn lift, the nearest access to the ski area on the Hochschwendberg can currently be reached by ski bus. As of December 2018, this will change with new Möslbahn lift on the Hochschwendberg. You can then quickly and comfortably reach the slopes on the 10-person gondola of the state-of-the-art D-line by Doppelmayr.

Vacation for those who prefer to enjoy the peace and quiet of nature

When you observe the lively activity of the countless winter vacationers, it’s hard to imagine that you can be completely alone in nature in only a few minutes. A peaceful winter landscape in the middle of this fascinating alpine world is a gourmet menu for the soul. No matter whether you are out and about with a sled, snowshoes, or touring skis:

What matters is the journey not the destination – only those who are in harmony with nature can truly enjoy this. During this season, it is especially important to be considerate of the plants and animals. Even one disturbance of winter habitats can mean death, for example for chamois. No one wants this and especially those who love nature. When you do explore, stay on the trails, and you can enjoy experiences that you have otherwise only seen in movies. Head out into the side valleys of the Zillertal, but be sure to check the weather and avalanche conditions first. Take time to rest and with a little luck, maybe a golden eagle will accompany you along your way but be sure to keep a protective eye on your small dog. You will see hundred meter high ice falls and see and hear avalanches, but don’t forget that you are a part of this world now, so if you don’t have any experience, you should get a guide. Pace yourself so that you have reserves for unforeseen circumstances. Since the most recent wolf sighting was only a few kilometers away as far as the crow flies in the Stubaital, it’s not out of the question that such unexpected events might occur. We don’t have any experience with wolves, but we are otherwise available to provide information and advice so long as we are enjoying wine, beer, or schnapps while we chat.

There are a ton of bad weather programs from shopping to spa visits. Of course, you can always take a break and relax in our apartments, turn off all electronic entertainment devices, and play a board game with your children – we believe this creates a sense of closeness with each other. And if you are here with just your partner and don’t know how to spend a bad weather day in our apartments, then you have a problem. Simply ask us for suggestions or you can bring a pack of cards :).

Snowshoe hike to the Melchboden (elev. 2000)

A tour for almost all snow and weather conditions, for snowshoes, and also for touring skis.

From here, you can take the ski bus or drive your own car on the Zillertaler Höhenstraße to Hotel Roswitha or to the turnoff at the Brindlingalm. Here, the ski or snowshoe tracks are almost always visible. At first, the path leads somewhat steeply over snow-covered mountain pastures and a high forest to the Brindlingalm snack station. You can stop for a bite to eat here when you descend or when you return. After the mountain pastures, there is a long but relatively flat ascent above the tree line towards the Melchboden. After ca. 500 vertical meters, you will reach the hut, which is open only in summer. If you still have energy left and if the snow conditions allow, you can head to the summit, the Arbiskopf. The descent (return) is relatively flat and enjoyable. Up to the Melchbodenhütte, the tour is possible without risk in almost any snow and weather conditions and is a sunny, scenic jewel.